How to Use Solar Panels To Make Electricity

Posted on 20th July 2010 in solar power

All those who really have some cognizance about environment are anxious about the problem of global warming. It is essential for all to go green. There is need to use the various options available for using renewable energy. The sun is a mammoth reservoir of natural power for maintaining the clean environment. The sun provides you about 1000 watts of solar panel energy on a square meter of our planet’s surface. In case you collect and employ this solar power, you will be able to get all your requirement of energy for lighting and heating your office as well as home completely for free. Solar panels play a crucial role in helping to use the energy from the sun.

The solar panels utilise the photovoltaic cells like those used in calculators. The photovoltaic cell converts the light energy into the electricity. A solar panel has a module of these cells connected and packed into a frame called solar panel. The energy in stored into a battery when there is sunlight and used for lighting when it is dark. Even when the days are cloudy, there is enough energy stored to power your home through the day.

The solar power has been used for long in space shuttles and satellites. Solar panels are used for energy lights, road signs, buoys, call boxes, parking lot lighting and lighting of remote areas. The technology is developing fast and solar energy is being used in more and more fields like sunglasses to running solar powered vehicles.

In addition to use for lighting, the solar power is extensively used for heating purpose with specially designed solar panels. The solar renewable energy can be only used by constructing the solar panels to harness it. In the absence of solar panels the idea of using solar power will be only a dream.

The solar panels function in two different ways. In one type of the solar panels, the solar cell transforms the light to electrical energy. These panels are expensive and are less commonly used. Most of the solar panels are utilized for heating purpose. The solar panel absorbs the heat and uses it to heat up the liquid, which has a low boiling point. The liquid is used to heat the water or to generate the steam. The solar panel used for heating is simple in construction, inexpensive and more effective. Solar panels are also used for heating in solar cookers.

The designs, shapes and sizes of the solar panels have no limitations. It all depends on where they are to be used. The heating type solar panels have a number of reflectors, which absorb the heat from sun and send to a particular liquid, which heats the water in turn or makes the steam in the steam generator. Using solar panels is comparatively costlier than using wind energy. In many countries the government is taking keen interest to promote the use of solar power.

They provide incentives for using solar power. The technology for using solar power is progressing at a great pace. Researches have established so far that the aluminium is the best material for making most efficient and strong panels for heating. The aluminium solar panels designed in parabolic shape are most energy efficient.

Although at present it is cheaper to use fossil fuels, but soon the advancements in technology will make solar panels most economical to use the cheapest source of energy.