Live Green byChoosing Solar Electricity

Posted on 15th August 2010 in solar power

Solar power is a tremendous energy resource that has only recently been tapped by man for his practical usage. The underlying technology for this process is called solar photovoltaics. As photovoltaic technology becomes more sophisticated, we are able to harness the power of solar energy more efficiently than ever before.

The increase in the use of solar energy reduces the use of fossil fuels directly impacting positively on the environment. Solar electricity can be used in almost any home. The solar panels can be set up on the roof of the house where they will collect the solar energy.

With the solar panels providing your house with a large portion of the electricity it needs, you will be using less fossil fuel which is great for the environment. It is also relatively easy to set up the solar panels in your home. Most of the solar panel kits are extremely user-friendly, providing an easy to follow instruction manual.

If you want, you can always employ the services of firms that offer solar panel home installations at very affordable prices. The factors you need to consider when buying your solar kit include the amount of energy you consume monthly and the kind of appliances you use in your home.

You need to install the solar panels where they get the most exposure to the sun without being an eye-sore, which makes the roof of your house the ideal spot. It is the function of the solar panels to collect the solar energy and to send it to a converter.

From there, the energy is stored in batteries which are located at various points in your home. It is important to do an inspection of your roof to find the best possible spot for the solar panels.

You need to avoid placing the solar panels where they can be shaded by other buildings or tree branches as this will greatly reduce their effectiveness. Protecting the environment is among one of the many reasons for the harnessing of solar power energy into a viable power resource for man.

It would be wonderful if every home used solar electricity as this will reduce the use of fossil fuels. Environmental problems such as the greenhouse effect and air pollution will decrease with the reduction of fossil fuel usage.

Unfortunately, solar power is still confined to the alternative energy resources category, together with other power sources like geothermal, nuclear and hydroelectric power. However, the future is very bright for solar power technology and we will get to a point where the sun will be our prime source of energy.

The full potential of photovoltaics has not yet been reached. This technology has the power to provide us with an unlimited amount of energy which will help with the power crises that we are now experiencing. The key to a greener planet and more power reserves is photovoltaic technology.