Why its Importnat to Try and Save

Posted on 27th October 2010 in energy

We are progressing in all spheres of life and this constant progress has been quite harmful on our natural resources. It’s pretty vital to conserve energy. The conversation isn’t only required to decrease different kinds of pollution but also to save the resources for the future generation. Therefore, we must conserve energy for the far better future. How will need to we conserve energy? Energy is necessary for commercial and non-commercial use. The answer to this question lies within the fact that we have to replace our non-renewable energy resources with renewal ones.

You will discover two types of energy resources:

Non-renewable energy resources: These are the sort of energy resources that can’t be produced or used again. This means non-renewal resources perish after single use. The example of such resources are oil, coal etc.

Renewal energy resources: These are the types of energy resources which might be reproduced again. The example of renewal energy resources are wind, solar energy, water etc.

The renewal resources are a much better alternative since this energy can be regenerated. This definitely does not mean that we don’t need to conserve renewal resources. It is crucial to conserve both types of energy. The solar energy in employed in numerous industries to run turbines. Within the same manner wind energy is procured from wind mills to generate electricity. We needs to be aware of the truth that if we don’t conserve our non-renewal resources then soon they’ll exhaust. If we conserve energy then it would be advantageous to us only. We would secure our future in this manner. If we use renewal resources of energy then we are helping in saving the environment. The energy derived from water, wind and sun do not trigger any pollution. These resources are out there in abundance in nature. Consequently, they’re economical also.

We ought to not just practise conservation of energy but we need to also educate our kids on this. It’s really essential that the significance of the conservation of energy is passed on to the next generation. Youngsters follow their elders and it becomes the prime responsibility to educate the younger generation to conserve energy.

You can find several ways in which energy might be conserved in our day nowadays lives also. If we are cautious whilst cooking in the kitchen then we can save lot of energy and money. Petrol could be saved if majority of the population uses public transport. If we switch on lights, fans, televisions and computers etc when not in use then we save lot of energy. There are quite a few examples which if practised can result in conservation of energy. It really is incredibly vital that we as responsible human understand our duty not just towards humanity but also towards nature. There have been many natural disasters resulting from depletion of natural resources. This is the nature?s way of telling us that some thing wrong is happening. If we do not wake up to our responsibility for saving our natural resources then we will surely be paying a huge price for it. Consequently, we will need to aid conserve energy.

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Solar Panel Technology

Posted on 21st October 2010 in solar, solar panels and solar pv, solar power

It is the year 2010 and we all are somewhat aware of the merits this natural and cheapest form of energy known as the Solar Energy brings. Decades back most of us did not know as much about solar energy as we do now. We are educated enough to know that the sources of energy on Earth, most of which come from fossil fuels, are in the process of depletion. Research has suggested that the only way to maintain survival is by making optimal use of energy emitted from the sun. Solar energy or solar power as we call it is the cleanest and efficient form of energy.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Solar power is extracted from the Sun and once there is plenty of it, it can be transmuted to other types and forms of energy such as thermal or electrical energies. It is presumed that solar power is one of the most authentic and dependable form of energy which can supersede other sources of energy. It is because of this feature that solar energy is considered as power generator for the future.

The current energy sources are giving rise to a lot of health and environmental issues of which the most prominent are global warming and pollution. The demand for energy is increasing at global level because population increase is on the rise and the existing forms of energy are inadequate to realize this demand. These facts are more than enough to justify the need for solar energy.

Many of us know what solar energy is but few know how it works. Well, the operation is quite simple to understand. Photovoltaic cells or as some name it solar cells are formed of silicon which is a commonly used semi conductor. These cells perform the function of capturing light emitted from the Sun and then translate into energy types in use today. A good number of solar cells are connected and laid in an orderly arrangement which is known as solar panel.

When solar panels succeed in capturing ample amount of sunlight, the electrons of silicon are set free to move towards the other side of the panel in search of positive charges. It is in this phase of electron movement that electric current is produced. The panel is connected to a battery in which this current/voltage is kept for storage purpose. The battery can be then connected to the electrical appliance you want to operate.

When solar cells have absorbed sufficient amount of light, the electrons of silicon are discharged; in search of positive charges, they start moving towards the opposite side of the solar panel. As a result of this movement, electric current is produced. This current is stacked away in a battery, which can then operate electrical devices at domestic and commercial level.

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