Solar Energy Explained

Posted on 25th November 2010 in solar, solar panels and solar pv, solar power

It can be stated that there are a number of benefits of installing a solar powered energy system at your home. At this time there is an immediate need to look into and make use of other electricity alternatives as the actions of humankind have resulted in ecological damage, this is especially so if we are to try and stop or turn around the extent of this damage. The benefits of using Solar Power begin to become understandable. The advantages of solar technology is the fact that it makes use of the power of the sun to make available energy and electricity to all its inhabitants in a way which is free after original set up outlay, obtainable in huge quantity and just as friendly to the natural world.

These days many people particularly in the western world are able to access energy freely. Electrical energy is used to operate everything from appliances for the kitchen like stoves, cookers, freezers and dish washers, to lighting fixtures, garage door openers, and smaller items such as television sets, computer systems, hair dryers and more. We are all used to powering our homes via the main grids and until recent years, solar photovoltaic power was virtually unknown.

What photovoltaic solar cell technology attempts to do is transform natural sun light into electrical energy. Essentially it is material used to capture the sunlight. This material is called a semiconductor. The semiconductor, which is often silicon, absorbs the sunlight. Once the light has been absorbed, the next step is that energy is released into the photovoltaic solar cell in the form of electrons.

The easiest solar powered energy system to set up is a solar hot water heater. Simple home heating can be built in a few days and installed without difficulty. Output of photo voltaic electrical energy is a little bit more technical. Typically, the roof top is used as a surface to collect the suns rays on the solar panel.

These can be easily purchased locally. In terms of engineering, the solar panels are not that complex. Storing the power generated and discharging it to appliances inside the house with correct voltage and amperage is the most challenging part of solar systems for home electrical use. It is highly advisable that you only employ qualified solar energy system specialists to install the system in your home. It will insure the system is properly installed and will prevent potential hazards. This does not mean you can’t install your own solar power system. You should know companies typically offer guarantees and warranties if they install your complete system. A solid guarantee is probably the best advantage of using a professional; to install the system for you as this gives you peace of mind.

To make certain you will get the most from using your solar powered energy systems, you should look at the insulating material of your property and if necessary improve the insulating material. Properly sealed doors and windows helps in making the solar powered energy system better. And when you have an optimum solar powered energy system installed you will get the most savings and recuperate your investments faster.

A thermal imaging survey will give you a much clearer idea of the amount of energy your residence is loosing through poor insulation and defective seals.

Wind Turbines, Economical Wind Generators

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What a Good Set of DIY Wind Generator Plans Should Have

A good set of plans should thoroughly explain which materials to use. The plans should also give you options and formulas for the size of your windmill generator. The size should be determined by electric demand and available wind speed. You really ought to know what kind of motor to use for your windmill, and why.wind turbine

Materials The materials will alter upon application of the windmill. The shear wind force on your blades will work out what material you make your blades from. If you are using PVC pipe for your blades and not reinforcing the blades at the centre, you are likely going to snap a blade. This is not a big deal, unless your windmill is placed in a tough to reach location. Sometimes you’ll want to sacrifice a little potency for less maintenance. A good set of DIY plans will cover materials.

Wind Formula Calculations your available shear wind speed will define the most efficient windmill generator for your applications. A big windmill that doesn’t spin does you absolutely no good. The wind calculations will determine the length of your blades. This is not difficult but it’s good to grasp for efficiency. Those that are graced with powerful winds may have to include a break, or furl design, to keep from causing damage to your windmill.

Type of Generator a typical misconception is a auto alternator would make a great wind generator. This is not correct. A car generator wants to spin way to fast. Wind generators need motors that produce the most electricity with the smallest amount of rotation, and at low speeds. Low revs per minute high voltage three phase motors, are ordinarily used. A good set of plans will tell you what motor to use for your wishes.

DIY wind generator plans are a great alternative choice to paying high costs for wind generators. The air turbines can be simply fashioned from readily available materials, and they typically cost one 8 the price of a commercial wind generator. A good set of plans will spare you the high commercial costs and you’ll have a system that you can easily maintain. You won’t need to pay maintenance to upkeep your windmill. You will have first hand awareness of how your wind generator operates.

Try Starting With Solar Power Garden Lights Before Beginning a big Solar Power Project

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Since solar energy lends itself to modular capability it’s a good idea to start with solar power garden lights as an introduction into solar power. By starting with this small photovoltaic system and expanding later you’ll be spreading its cost over time and start to understand the character of solar power. Doing it this way helps keep the costs down yet allows you to get your feet wet with this exciting technology. Let’s face solar power can be complicated so it’s smart to take advantage of solar power immediately and progress slowly. Eventually you can build up to a full home solar system yet start immediately taking advantage of the sun’s rays. Investing in this simple solar lighting is inexpensive. For about $15 you’ll get a wide variety of mounting schemes.

Solar power garden lights are beautiful, safe and cost-effective. There are an impressive array of styles, shapes and colors available. The easy installation and maintenance of wireless lighting systems are among its many attributes. They can be affordable and practical, or elaborate and expensive.

Solar-powered bulbs are energized by battery units which absorb sunlight during the day. The sun cells transform the sun’s rays into energy, and illuminate the units at night. Following a full day of successful charging, the lights can glow for about 10 hours.

There are an interesting variety of sun-powered lamp styles available. Some are shaped like flowers or bugs, while others resemble rocks or birds. They generally increase in price with larger sizes and more intricate designs.

Most units will automatically switch on at sunset. However, some have on-off switches, while others are illuminated when motion is detected. Those that detect movement tend to cost a bit more than the regular styles.

Specific models are intended to be mounted on sheds, garages or houses. They have flat panels which secure to a wall with special hardware, which is usually included. The more common, standard types tend to be affordably-priced.

Lamps that are mounted on stakes can be secured into the ground. These offer a lot of flexibility in terms of location. They can serve as effective night-time markers for paths and driveways. Depending on size and style, stake-mounted units are among the least expensive option.

Some lanterns are created to hang from posts or trees. They are free to sway in the breeze, and can provide a serene backdrop to any garden. These models are among the less pricey.

Solar power garden lights can provide security, ornamentation and cost-effectiveness. They are weather-proof, easy to install and affordable. These sunlight beacons can be a good choice for any yard or garden.