Is Solar EnergyA Clean Energy Source?

Posted on 20th December 2010 in solar, solar panels and solar pv, solar power

In today’s economy, more and more people are looking to find ways to reduce their electricity monthly expenses. One way to Reach this goal is to limit the use of any electrical appliances in the home, but most of us find this nearly impossible to do. So what else can we do to save money on electricity bills? One possible option is to buy solar panels so that you can use to manufacture your own electricity.

A solar panel is a device that converts light from the sun into usable electricity, the same electricity we use to power our homes, devices, appliances, and even some vehicles. The more intense the solar light is, the more energy the solar panel can produce.

There are many benefits to using solar power. For example, if you use your solar panel to power your electric based heating system, you won’t experience any recurring monthly expenses related to the heating of your home. With oil or gas-based heaters, you must pay the gas or oil consumption expense monthly in order to maintain the continuous heating of your home. Since solar power is free, you are able to run your electric based heating or cooling system without experiencing any extra monthly costs.Most people like using solar power because it is a “clean energy source” and not harmful to the environment. Many countries, the US included, actually provide tax incentives and benefits to people who buy solar panels and generate their own electricity!

When buying solar panels, there are many things to consider. One of the most important factors is to think carefully about your electrical needs. Check or estimate the power consumption required for any of the electrical appliances in your home that you’d like to power with your solar panels. Most people use the energy from solar panels to heat their water, since a water heater or air conditioning/eating units since these all typically consume a good amount of electricity. Draw up a list of the wattage ratings for any electrical appliances you might want to power with the solar panel, add up all those wattage amounts and that will give you an idea about the amount of electricity you are consuming monthly when using those particular devices and appliances. When selecting a solar panel, find one with a slighter higher wattage rating than the amount you calculated from your list. This ensures that the solar panel you will be buying will have enough power output for your appliances.

Planning carefully for the desired location of your panels can also affect how much you spend on the purchase. You want your solar panels to have maximum light exposure throughout the day. The optimal placement of a solar panel involves installing the solar panels so that they directly face the sun between the hours of 9AM to 3PM, which is when the sun is at its brightest. There are ‘upgrades’ that can be purchased to help ensure maximum light collection by the solar panel. A solar tracker is an example of this, but it is an additional expense. Also, because the solar tracker is powered by electricity generated from the solar panel, the output of your solar panels will be lessened by its power consumption.

Another very important consideration is the guaranteed service life of the solar panel. Most solar panels last for 10 to 15 years. Check your overall expenses to see if buying a solar panel will give you savings over such a period of time. Look at the estimated power consumption for the devices and appliances you’d like to power with the purchase of a solar panel for each month and then multiply that by 12 to get the estimated cost per year. Now multiply that number by the guaranteed service life of the solar panel you are considering buying to see what that potential savings would be and whether or not the investment makes sense.

Keep in mind the solar panels only last between 10-15 years. Many people are under the assumption that solar panels last forever. That is simply not true.
Solar panels truly offer many benefits to both our homes and the environment, but because of their somewhat high cost, most people are hesitatant to buy them.

Again,it is always important to consider costs and benefits when buying your own solar panels. Keep in mind the expected service life. The goal should be to enjoy the benefits of a solar panel, not suffer its costs for years to come.

Energy Efficient LED Bulbs

Posted on 15th December 2010 in energy

In todays world many people have tried to reduce their electrical bills by replacing the conventional incandescent lights in their homes with newer more efficient technology. This has usually meant using compact fluorescent bulbs. In recent years a new type of light has appeared that is an improvement over these lights. Following is a brief summary of the facts about LED replacement bulbs.electricity bulb

LED stands for light emitting diode. These are not a new technology. What is new is the ability of modern LED lights to produce white light that is suitable for everyday use in the home. Until recently LEDs were only available in a few colours, which limited their application to indicator lights and other special purposes.

Incandescent lamps produce light by using electricity to heat a small filament of metal until it gets hot enough to glow, that is, until it becomes incandescent. Fluorescent lamps use electricity to stimulate a gas in a tube to produce ultraviolet light. This light is converted to visible light by fluorescent materials that coat the inside of the tube.

Suppose it would take 300 watts of electricity to light a room with incandescent lamps. The same room could be lit to about the same brightness with about 100 watts of fluorescent lamps. The same brightness could be achieved with about 50 watts of LED lamps. The energy saving nature of LED lamps should be clear from this.

Fluorescent lamps have a much longer useful life than incandescent ones. LED lamps in turn have a longer life than fluorescent ones. They are also much more robust and breakage resistant. An additional advantage they have is that, unlike fluorescent lamps, they do not contain mercury.

LED lights would have probably been widely adapted by now if they were more economical to buy. The prices are high now but as with most new technologies as more are made and manufacturing methods improve, they should become more reasonable to buy. At some point they should become more favoured than compact fluorescent lights for energy conservation efforts.

One can find LED replacement bulbs today that will fit in most home lighting fixtures. They are fairly expensive today, but in many cases the savings in electrical bills will cover their costs in a few years. In a few years they should be the main source of light in the home.

Renewable Energy Options

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Renewable energy is a bit of a generic phrase to cover a lot of types of more eco friendly energy generation. It refers not to one energy production method, but to many types that have one thing in common. They all use an energy resource that is freely available and does not run out per se. Let’s take a look.

Biopower – The great hope of President Bush, biopower is based on the idea of using organic material to produce fuel for cars, heating and so on. It is better than using fossil fuels, but has some serious disadvantages. Ethanol, for instance, can help replace gasoline, but it produces a ton of smog. Processing organic materials also takes nearly as much energy as it produces in the form of fuel and such. All and all, this is one of the weaker renewable energy resources.

The first law of thermodynamics: energy is conserved. Thermodynamics is the study of the movement of heat. This law instructs us that although the kind of energy in a given system can change, the total amount can’t. Energy is able to travel seamlessly through systems, yet it never changes its structure or shape. It’s also important to note that objects with like charges experience a “get away from me” stance, while objects with opposite charges attract each other. We know that every Magnet has a north and south pole and those magnets exert forces on each other, and always contain two poles.

If you’re wondering why the world is still so reliant on fossil fuels like oil, petrol and diesel, and why there isn’t more renewable energy used, then perhaps you are about to find out. Consumers like the convenience of petrol and diesel for vehicles, whether for private or public transport. Cars are as popular as ever, despite recent oil price rises, and for most people, the car is the most convenient way of travelling.

A type of renewable energy that hardly gets a mention is magnetic power. Using the potential energy of gravitational fields, magnetic power generators produce electricity around the clock. Magnetic generators are the most efficient in producing renewable and cheap electricity. The cost of a magnetic generator is limited to one-off extraction and manufacturing costs. There is next to no maintenance, and no power is required to run the magnetic generator.

Biomass is another increasing popular form of renewable energy. It uses organic matter, such as waste products, or crops grown especially to be used as fuel. Biomass has arguably the best chance of being accepted more widely. Already used as biodiesel, biomass is becoming more popular thanks to increasing media coverage. Combined biomass heat and power plants create power. Heat is created as part of the power process. This heat is normally lost, whereas in a combined heat and power plant the heat is used to heat the building or water. In domestic environment environments, wood burning stoves for cooking and heating is an example of biomass energy.

Power cuts and outages will be a thing of the past. And your ongoing alternative power will reduce carbon emissions, thus helping to turn around climate change. The instructions include a backup system, and guided, illustrated steps to follow.

As consumers show renewed interest in renewable energy sources like wind, product manufacturers are already rushing to respond. One of the most interesting consumer wind technologies is both amazingly inexpensive and amazingly small. How small? You can hold this particular wind turbine in your hand – while it’s generating electricity.

Renewable Energy

Posted on 1st December 2010 in Renewable Energy

Are you concerned about the environment? There are various factors due to which the environment gets affected. One of the major reasons for this is the pollution that is caused by the non renewable sources of energy.

You might be aware of the fact that the electricity that comes to your home is achieved by burning fuels. These fuels are not only harmful for the nature but after a certain period of time these energy resources will come to an end.

It is therefore very important to look for the renewable energy resources which will last till the end of this world. These kinds of energy are usually available from the sun, water as well as wind. Sustainable energy resources usually have lots of benefits. First of all there are environmental benefits.

The use of fossil fuel usually affects the living creatures like plants, animals as well as human beings. It can pollute the air, water and even cause global warming. This is the reason why the government is also taking steps to popularize the use of renewable energy resources.

Solar energy has already been popularized in most of the countries. Other than saving the environment from pollution you can also save lots of money if your install a solar power panel at your home.

You can get rid of the high cost of the utility bills that you need to pay every month. The other benefit of these alternative fuel sources is that it can provide great job opportunities these days. You must be aware of the renewable energy jobs that have become quite popular these days.

This is one of the sectors which has been growing and will grow more in the near future. Therefore people working in this field have great opportunities to make it big in their career. If you are interested to get employed in this sector then you can be sure about the fact that you will make better progress in your career.

But before you join the job you need to go through some training. The training sessions of which are made for the section of bio fuels and solar energy are usually of long duration and are also quite expensive.

If you want to join the renewable energy jobs then you must have two qualities like dedication and determination. You can search for the jobs on the internet. Create your resume in such a way that it is suitable for these jobs.

There are various websites which can offer you these kinds of job openings. You need to choose the right kind of job for yourself. People are becoming aware of the environment and they also want to make sure that they can save money.