Alternative Energy as an Option for Your Home

Posted on 28th February 2011 in energy

In this day and age, it is almost unavoidable, you hear about it all the time. Alternative energy. Just what is it and how can you benefit from it. Alternative energy basically just means using one form of energy in place of another. For example, wind instead of coal for electricity. There are many other examples. The rate of new discovery, no doubt will soon find us all using one form or another of alternative energies. Whether in our homes, cars or places of business, these

alternative energy

alternative energy

non-mainstream sources of energy are creeping in.

There are many benefits of using alternative energy in one form or another. Take for example less pollution. This isn’t a sermon on global warming or climate change, just a desire to live in a cleaner world. Research is continuing to make these new technologies more affordable to the public as expense is still a big issue. Some of the sources of alternative energies are still too expensive for many.

Of the many forms of alternative energy, what can you do to improve your energy situation? Especially for homeowners, there are many things you can do. Take solar panels, for instance. Solar panels have been around for quite some time. Their efficiency is increasing with newer research and the prices are coming down on them. Over the last ten years many companies have included solar panel consulting and installation to their services.

Another one you have heard of is wind power. For many of us, this is not directly feasible. Most of us live in urban areas or subdivisions that do not make it practical. Yet, for some, it is most definitely a viable alternative. If you own land and have the resources to have them put in, your energy costs could be reduced to zero. There are other alternative energy sources that can be employed in your home as well.

In order to drastically reduce energy costs, some people have used multiple forms of alternative energy. This is a viable goal for many of us to achieve. Indeed, there are yet other ways to use alternative energy to reduce energy bills over the long term. Hybrid and fully electric cars are really making headway. This may not be practical for everyone, but the prices on many of them are reasonable. These are just a few things to think about on how you can use alternative forms of energy in our life.

The author is an expert in renewable energy and solar energy in Scotland.

Palm Oil, is it Destroy the Rain Forests

Posted on 28th February 2011 in environment

Making a statement about palm oil has become something of a business necessity. If major brands are not buying certificates to offset their use, they’re announcing plans to buy certified sustainable palm oil. Others are ordering supplies from sustainable plantations in countries that are not large-scale producers of palm oil.

That’s because the palm oil industry in Malaysian and Indonesia is accused of destroying precious rain forest and the homes of endangered orang-utans, and of emitting high levels of greenhouse gases. That’s why major businesses are responding to consumer demand from consumers that they stop supporting such practices.

It’s a laudable stance and it makes a cute Tweet. But if anyone tries to tell you stopping, reducing or cleaning up Europe’s supply of palm oil will solve the problem, they are misleading you. The issues in Malaysia and Indonesia will still continue.

Firstly, neither of those countries can afford to lose palm oil as an industry – more than a million people in Malaysia and Indonesia depend on palm oil for an income. And about 40 to 45% of plantations in those countries are smallholdings, not large corporations whose oil is shipped abroad.

The second point is that if Europe stops buying palm oil from Malaysia and Indonesia, that shortfall will go unnoticed among the huge amount consumed by India, China and other major markets.

Thirdly, switching away from palm produced in Malaysia and Indonesia will remove producers’ incentive to work sustainably. Why invest in certification, audits and changes in production methods if the market is not interested in paying for it?

Fourthly, it’s not palm oil that’s the problem. It’s the production methods that need to be tackled. Palm oil has become popular because it’s the fastest-growing and highest-yielding oil crop on the planet, needing ten times less land than any other. In a world where rapid population growth demands a food supply, swapping palm oil for one that needs more land to grow would bring even greater problems, on a bigger scale.

Basically, it’s not all about you. The palm oil problem is not about image, headlines or neat posts on Twitter. It doesn’t mean giving up chocolate that contains palm oil in order to rescue the orang-utan. It means dealing with the issues that exist now and will go on existing unless we all play a part in making all palm oil production sustainable and responsible.

You won’t help the rain forests with a boycott – you’ll just wash your hands of the problem.

Finding My Carbon Footprint

Posted on 27th February 2011 in environment

In the United Kingdom the Carbon Trust gives the definition of a carbon footprint as “the total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused directly and indirectly by an organization, an individual, or product such as a car, or bicycle”.

Contributing your part can help reduce this, by looking at the way every day tasks influence your carbon consumption. Look at the way you travel to work, consider car sharing, recycle plastic, glass and cans and buying eco friendly products will all help.

The products you buy will all contribute to your carbon footprint. This is because they have to be manufactured, picked and packaged and then transported to the shops where you buy them. The energy used in this process all contributes to green house gases. Try looking for local products that have not travelled far and low eco friendly packaging.

Determining your carbon footprint is measured by the quantity of greenhouse gas that you are contributing to the planet’s atmosphere. This term first originated from carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that is the widely identified as the main contributor to climate change today

You can try and offset your personal carbon emissions, by doing so you are doing your part to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide produced and help slow down global warming and climate change.

Carbon offsetting schemes are available help you offset your personal carbon emissions. These schemes invest in green projects to invest in energy efficient schemes, wind power, solar power, or new tree plantations. Try and make sure the company you purchase your carbon credits/offsets from is a member of a reputable body or well know organisation such as the Carbon Trust or the Energy Saving Trust.

Being proactive in reducing your carbon emissions can be done with the use an individual carbon calculator to determine your carbon footprint. You could get a surprise just how much carbon is creates every day, and hopefully learn a little about where you can make some real changes.

Tips to help reduce your carbon emissions can include making few trips to the shops, using electricity at off peak times, using a green energy supplier, and simply turning off the lights when not in the room can all make a difference.

Ian. R. Richardson is an expert author on renewable energy and environmental topics. For more information and news visit for the and web sites.

Looking at Environmentally Friendly Products

Posted on 27th February 2011 in environment

Shopping for Earth friendly merchandise is becoming much more and also more trendy. However what are the pros and also cons of trying to make purchases in an eco friendly way?


Cost: Buying environmentally friendly merchandise may be costlier initially.

Harder to seek out: You possibly can run to the local chain retailer and find almost anything you need. However is it your suitable option for the environment? Almost certainly not. Eco friendly products will be more complex to find.

Study: To search out Earth friendly merchandise you require to perform a little study into the corporations and organizations that sell the products. Do their products in fact run on solar energy alone? Are their merchandise created from recycled supplies as they declare? Make certain you get what you pay for and obtain the energy financial savings estimated.


Long term savings: Earth friendly products are vitality efficient. This implies they are not just wise for the atmosphere, however they’ll save you cash in the long run attributable to lower gasoline bills. Most eco-friendly merchandise are effectively made and also will very last longer than their cheaper made comparisons.

Well being benefits: Eco-friendly merchandise are intended to make you and your loved ones dwell more healthy lives. Purer water, organic meals, reduced allergens, much less processed food. It’s not just concerning the Earth changing into more healthy; it’s about your family reaping well being remuneration, also.

Much less waste: While you buy in bulk you lessen added packaging that one by 1, wrapped products need. Much less packing, much less trash. By reusing the back side of paper you have less paper to throw away. If you cut down on paper merchandise and make use of material napkins you cut down on waste. Every thing adds up to less waste within the landfill and also much less emptying the rubbish can for you.

Develops Habits: Shopping for Earth friendly products is a habit like any other. The more you do it, the more it seems like the natural thing to do. It also teaches your kids to keep up the same habit. As they grow older they’ll make eco-friendly choices automatically.

Often the secret to residing a much more eco-friendly life is finding the suitable sources of products. The wise news is, once you find a source for smart merchandise they’ll generally have a large selection which have already been researched and approved. Discover a corporation you trust so you possibly can really feel smart about taking their recommendations.

Shopping for Earth friendly merchandise can rapidly grow to be a technique of life when you weigh all the benefits and drawbacks.

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Some Interesting Facts About Nuclear Energy

Posted on 27th February 2011 in environment

Nuclear energy is merely a phrase describing any power linked with nuclear reactions. It may be produced by individuals, but they also happen by means of natural techniques. An illustration of this all-natural nuclear energy would be the nuclear fusion procedure which fuels stars like the sun. In a more practical sense, any time many folks make reference to nuclear power, they’re speaking about the human technique of using that energy in nuclear power plants. People have not yet discovered a way to make the most of nuclear fission, that may potentially be extremely

Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy

effective as well as very efficient-they utilize the nuclear fission process to generate energy instead.

The history connected with nuclear electric power have been one of both good expectations and fear. What ought to always be remembered in any talk with regards to nuclear energy source is always that it has the ability for significantly great as well as much bad; it might address a lot of difficulties as well as yet cause other concerns. Around the globe a 5th of all power is that is generated by nuclear power. In certain countries more than half of the energy created arises from nuclear power stations. All electrical power stations produce electrical power but they also create things we don’t need. Coal-fired stations create lung burning ash. Additionally , they yield unwanted gas for example carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide plus nitrogen oxide which can be hazardous to the ecosystem.

The good reasons for having nuclear energy stations are that they produce fewer carbon dioxide in comparison to the power stations which are operating these days; it could cost less as compared to almost every other type connected with energy stations and they may be beneficial towards helping the natural environment for generations to come. Because of the volume of carbon dioxide in the environment, the green house effect was made.

In the US in the Sixties, the quantity of atomic electric power plants increased drastically. One reason, nuclear power took off was because of the increasing environmental movement. Because power requirements elevated, the number of fossil fuel plants elevated, which experts claim elevated environmental pollution. Nuclear power has been seen as a option to this since it produced no smoke and did not greatly affect air quality. Nuclear plant builders ended up also generating a setting which was secure with regard to nuclear technology. With globally growing need for electric power, decreasing products associated with fossil fuels, and climatic change as a result of carbon emissions, nuclear power is definitely rapidly becoming the power source of choice for numerous countries.

Today’s nuclear energy source is less dangerous than in the past before-and generates some of the most clean and also most economical power accessible. In fact, nuclear plants tend to be the world’s lowest-cost maker of electricity.