Solar Panel Maintenance Ideas

Posted on 14th June 2011 in solar

Solar panels are designed to capture the sun’s light and convert it into electricity. The panels feature an array of solar cells and are linked up to other compartments. They’re installed in groups of three or four in places where they can capture sunlight, often on the roof of homes and other buildings. To ensure your panels are able to function properly and provide adequate power, make sure that they are properly maintained.

Thankfully, these devices require only the minimum amount of upkeep. The heating pump is the really only component that features any moving parts and the only breakable part is the glass covering of the panels. Even though maintenance will be light, it’s wise to stay on top of it.

Inspecting your solar panels periodically is the first step. Dirt and other pieces of debris will have to be removed to prevent damage. Look at the owner’s manual supplied by the manufacturer to see how often you should check them. If there’s a reason to check them more frequently – a nearby tree for example – take that into consideration. Panels that are installed in exceptionally dusty environments will need to be inspected more often. If it helps, create a schedule or mark your calendar to keep track of the device’s maintenance.

In order to remove an accumulation of grime and dirt particles from the panels, scrub gently from time to time. Use soap and warm water to loosen the dirt and a clean cloth to wipe it away. Bird droppings are commonly found on solar panels, since they’re usually located on roofs. You’ll need to completely remove them to maximize the amount of sunlight that gets through to the solar panels. To avoid leaving streaks and water spots behind, cool the panels down with room temperature water before applying the soap.

Don’t remove the solar panels to clean them. That’s more work than it’s worth. You will have to use a ladder and some safety gear to climb up to them. A large amount of ladder and roof related accidents occur each year so it is very important that you take every safety precaution as you inspect and clean the panels.

In order to function properly solar panels must be kept completely clean. A dirty panel could mean that you get little or no use out of it. Cleaning them is not just cosmetic. It’s necessary if you want your solar energy system to perform its job.

There are other options besides climbing to the roof of your home. There is a tool available that allows a home owner to effectively clean their solar devices from the comfort and safety of the ground. Much like the devices used at a self service car wash, a long metal pole sprays a powerful steady stream of water. Most of the devices are intended to hook up to the water spigot in your yard.

Professional solar panel cleaners are also a possibility. These companies can send experts out to your home to inspect and clean rooftop solar panels. They have the proper tools and knowledge to keep them clean and working efficiently. Look in the phone book or online for local businesses that offer this service. Or ask the contractor that installed your system. Make sure you do your research and shop around for the company that offers the best overall deal.

Solar Energy – The Main Advantages

Posted on 1st May 2011 in solar power

Renewable energy sources like solar energy and wind energy offer people many advantages. Solar energy, for example, is the best source of energy humans can utilize to its fullest potential. Solar energy is the energy coming from the sun and is virtually limitless and offers many solar energy advantages. This means that humankind can use this energy for whatever they intend to and for how long they wanted to.

There are many solar energy advantages. First on the list of solar energy advantages is that it helps in saving Mother Earth. The next advantage is what really lures people into using it – cost cutting. And of course, one of the solar energy advantages is the government incentive programs for people who are going panels

The price of today’s electricity from commercial power companies is steadily rising and that is why using solar energy is such a tempting option. There will be no recurring monthly expenses when you use solar energy. What you would pay is for an up-front payment for installing a solar system that will provide you electricity from solar energy. Once done, there will be no need to worry about additional expenses since the solar panels that will be installed are long-lasting and only requires little maintenance. Moreover, there are no longer power interruptions since solar energy can provide continuous electricity.

One major solar energy advantage is its cost cutting benefit. You see, the only time that you are going to spend a considerable amount of money when using solar energy is during the installation of a solar power system. After that, there will be no more additional costs. The maintenance for the system is not that much of a burden. Solar power systems are long-lasting and stay very efficient. Moreover, solar energy makes sure that there would be no power interruption since the energy captured can be stored in a battery for later use.

Government incentive programs are also there to aid future green individuals. These programs include tax exemptions or reductions, financial aid, rebates, and additional renewable energy source laws. All of which are aimed to help those individuals in switching to a greener electricity source. If you wanted to earn money while saving Mother Earth, you can also do that. Simply sell back the excess electricity produced by your solar power system to the national grid and you can earn some money at the end of every year or a certain time period. This is made possible because the government allows it.

There are many advantages that solar energy offers to people. All of them can be beneficial not only for the person using solar energy but to all of humanity. When using solar energy, you can save money while saving the Earth.

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An Introduction To Solar Power

Posted on 3rd April 2011 in solar

Many people don’t understand the concept, but use of solar power is well spread in very many parts of the world. People have used solar energy for billions of years with some people doing it even without their knowledge. One of the initial incidences when solar power was used was back in the 1800′s when explorers collected heat from the rays of the sun using a box and used it to cook. Solar solar panelspower mainly involves collecting light and heat from the sun rays and using it both in homes and in offices for very many uses. According to studies, a very tiny portion of the heat from the sun is actually being converted into energy. This has been blamed on lack of technology to collect the energy in certain countries although other people in developed countries simply do not feel the need to harness energy from the sun when they have many other sources of energy.

When harnessing energy from the sun, people use heat engines as well as photovoltaic devices. These technologies can either be passive or active technologies based on the way they harness and convert the energy. Photovoltaic devices or cells from the sun are directly harnessed from the sun to form electricity that can be used for lighting and powering tools such as calculators and watches.

Devices manufactured for collecting sun energy as well as photovoltaic devices are classified into active technologies while designs and building materials that make it easier for inhabitants to convert heat and light into energy are classified into passive technologies for harnessing energy from the sun. They include materials that allow dispersion of light as well as designs that make it possible for light to fill a room or an office.

People use solar energy in many different ways all over the world. The most common application of solar energy is lighting. The amount of artificial light that is required in a room is minimized when windows and skylights are incorporated into a building. Another common application is the use of solar heaters to heat water and also to heat up rooms. People also use solar water heaters to heat up swimming pools.

Conversion of heat from the sun into electricity involves using solar panels and this is an active solar power collecting technology. However, the use of solar energy is slowed down by the fact that the rays from the sun only reach the earth at certain times of the year and is based on the location, season and weather. This therefore means that people have to ensure they have collected as much energy as possible while the sun still shines.

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Photovoltaic Energy For Your Home

Posted on 1st April 2011 in solar panels and solar pv

In today’s world of improving technology, we require to understand the source of strength that the sun is and learn how to use that power far more efficiently. Did you know that you simply can lower your monthly utility bills by decreasing the quantity of regular electricity that you use at home? When you install a photovoltaic ability kit at residence you might be reducing the amount of fossil fuels which are being utilised which in turn helps to guard the panels

If you want to convert your house to solar energy, you’ll find a few things which you really should look at. How substantially vitality do you use in your house? What sorts of appliances would you need to have to electrical power? Do you have a good location to area the pv power panels?

Purchasing a very good, reliable solar ability kit is the first important step to converting your house to pv power. When you buy a kit that comes together the installation is going to be substantially easier, then you won’t have to worry about attempting to figure everything out and buy the individual pieces that happen to be essential.

In the event you haven’t decided in which to place the panels, it is best to consider putting them on the roof because it is often a fantastic location that is certainly still discreet. The roof is closer to the sun so it makes it an ideal spot for them– the panels will will need to be directly inside the suns rays so that they can gather power from the sun, then transfer that energy to a converter to store the vitality until it truly is essential. It really is very vital to make certain that the photo voltaic energy panels are placed in a location in which they might be in direct contact using the sun as considerably as achievable. Look at the surroundings around your home to avoid placing the panels in a spot that’s covered by other buildings or over-hanging branches.

The advantage of converting your home to sun strength is to assist shield the surroundings. Fossil fuels which can be used for example coal and oil pollute the air and harm the atmosphere, but the residential sun kits have no negative effects on the setting.

When you decide that you wish to support safeguard the setting by converting your home, be certain that you buy a excellent photovoltaic ability kit that includes all of the needed parts. It is often a really straightforward method and you will probably be thrilled using the outcomes!

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Building Solar Panels To Generate Your Own Power

Posted on 25th February 2011 in solar power

Solar energy is undoubtedly an excellent way to lower electrical bills by making use of an ever-constant power source, the sun. Solar panels are usually costly to purchase, so quite often it is simpler to make them at home. Building solar panels is not easy, so you need to be sure to get the proper equipment and tools essential for the panels

Solar cells are usually made from silicon, but you can actually also create them from cuprous oxide. This particular substance is one of the first substances that was found to have a photoelectric effect, causing electricity to flow through a material. When building solar panels, you will need a range of different ingredients for this job, including a micro-ammeter, clip leads, copper, and metal snips. These items can be found at many hardware stores. A few home items are necessary also when building solar panels, like an electric stove, tap water, table salt, and sandpaper.

Start by cutting the sheet of copper employing your metal snips. Wash your hands to start with to get rid of any oil or grease. You must additionally wash the copper using a cleanser to eliminate any dirt. Making use of the sandpaper, thoroughly rub down the sheeting to get rid of any kind of corrosion or sulphide accumulation.

Position the dried and thoroughly clean copper onto your electric stove and put it on its highest heat. As the metal starts to heat, you should notice gorgeous shades and rainbow colours starting to form on the metal. Purple, orange, and red designs will start to coat the surface.

When the copper begins to get hotter, the colours disappear and then a black cupric oxide coating replaces them. This burnt layer will eventually flake off however, revealing the colours beneath. Once the burner begins to become red hot, the entire sheet of copper will be coated with a heavy black layer. Let the metal cook for half an hour, because a thicker coating is going to be able to flake off without difficulty.

Lift off the copper sheet and let it cool to room temperature prior to attempting to rub off the black layer. Lightly scrub the metal until all the black color is eliminated. Cut another sheet of copper and bend both pieces into a plastic jar, but keep them from coming in contact with each other. The cooked copper needs to be connected using the negative alligator terminal, even while the new one will need to get the positive terminal.

Combine heated water and table salt into the plastic container. Place this mixture into the sun, and you should see a moderate number of micro-amps in your current meter. Copper is a semiconductor, and that means you essentially have a working solar panel built from scratch.