Understand Solar Panels and How They Work

Posted on 24th June 2011 in environment

Solar power is a good green source of energy and a serious option to consider for your energy needs. Other options such as wind turbines and hydroelectric generator can be used in but for most homes and smaller business solar is one of the most achievable options.

solar pv Scotland

Solar panels and solar power generates power from the sun by converting sunlight to electricity with no moving parts, zero emissions, and no or little maintenance. A solar panel is made up of a series of individual silicon cells that generate electricity from sunlight. As the light hits the surface of the solar panel the light particles produce an electrical current on the surface of small silicon wafers. One single solar cell produces around half a volt of energy.

Smaller solar panels can produce up to 12 volts of energy. These smaller panels contain an average of 36 solar cells. Large solar panels will produce up to 24 volts of energy. These will contain around 72 solar cells.

Solar panels can be wired together to create a bank of panels and increase the amount of energy you can harness. This gives the advantage of using a higher voltage output so the solar panels can use smaller wire to transfer the electric power from the solar panel to the output, charging batteries for example.

Solar panels come in different types. One is a Monocrystalline solar panels. These are most efficient but the most expensive solar panels made. The solar cells use very pure type of silicon and use a complicated growth process for the silicon crystals.

The middle ground for solar panels is possibly Polycrystalline. This type of panel is sometimes called Multi-crystalline solar panels as they consist of a range of Polycrystalline cells. This form of solar panel is less expensive and less efficient than the type using Monocrystalline cells. This is down to the fact that the cells are not grown in a large block of many crystals.

The Amorphous solar panel is not made from crystals like other types of panel. These are metal or glass coated with a layer or silicon to create the solar panel. Amorphous solar panels are in the bracket of the cheaper type of panel, as they are less expensive than other types. This type of solar panel is less energy efficiency so more are needed to generate the same amount of energy as more expensive alternatives.

Solar panels are a real option and a potentially good investment to help save money and energy. After the installation and set up costs that can be expensive and off putting, the payback will work for itself. For homes and small business solar is a real solution to meet the demands of trying to find lower costs energy and reduce your energy bills.

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Energy Effective and Sustainable Homes with Passive Houses

Posted on 26th May 2011 in energy

There’s a lot of talk going around regarding the most energy efficient sustainable home known as passive houses. These houses are extremely environmental friendly which will supply a quite comfy environment on the inside by way of the balance of fresh air supplies without too a lot help from heating and cooling processes in the course of colder and warmer days respectively. They’re known as passive houses since the developing can heat and cools down in itself without having any 3rd party involvement.

Once you take a look at the equation of energy consumption, it is normally much less than the standard houses taking into consideration the truth that you are able to save up to 90% of energy. In case you combine electricity and heating program expenses, the energy consumption cost of passive houses is much less than a quarter of it. Therefore, the application of these energy efficient houses will absolutely assist you to save much more on cash spending also as protect the environment at the exact same time.

These passivhauser function on four key areas including insulation, solar and internal gains, air-tight seals and indoor air high quality. The home built with this energy effective system has incredibly high level of insulation. Additionally, the use of solar and internal gains sees to it that you are able to get balance of heat inside the residence. The air-tight seals make certain that you reduce your energy losses.

Furthermore, the high quality of the air inside the house is maintained and balanced due to the mechanical ventilation system incorporated in its design. With all these parameters in check, you’re guaranteed that your residence can sustain through time with out putting so significantly dent within your finances. You do not need any standard heating systems with these passive houses or any active cooling system for that matter.

You are able to guarantee that you can be comfy living inside such property. There’s little demand in heating and you can meet this via a little electric heating device within the ventilation system but there are also several other solutions. As a result, they’re incredibly eco friendly and budget friendly at the identical time. This means to say that you won’t have any more issues along with your monthly bills.

In case you figure out how critical all these choices in energy efficiency is right now, you’d know that passivhaus are great in making comfortable living. You’ll be able to learn a lot more about this via sites that include data about this innovation.

Understand What Free Energy Research Is

Posted on 11th April 2011 in energy

You could define free energy research in a number of ways but we will focus on just three. One meaning is that it is a device that can generate electricity with the help of some kind of source that has not been recognized scientifically. Next, free energy is referred to as a kind of perpetual motion machine. Last, it most commonly referred to as a device with the ability to collect and distribute energy for free.

The one scientific definition that seems to be the most agreeable would be the first one. If a device can generate free energy with the help of say a nuclear reactor, then it would be considered as a free energy device but only if it were being used in the 1890′s unfortunately.

In the present context, if a scientist found out some way to generate electricity out of neutrino flux or harness gravity, then that would be free energy as well. But there is a catch here.

Out of all these definitions it is the first scientific definition that is the most feasible. By going with this definition, in theory, nuclear reactors could be considered as a free energy device (in the 1890′s).

For example, Becquerel discovered that fog plates could effectively filter uranium ore and he invented a device based on this discovery. Uranium ore was considered as free energy up until scientists summed this unusual phenomenon up as radioactivity of unstable elements.

As an example we will use Becquerel who discovered that fog plates can filter uranium ore. Based on this discovery, he invented a workable device that could do just that. But, scientists could not explain the strange phenomenon by way of radioactivity of unstable elements and because of that uranium ore ceased to be classified as free energy.

But the problem with free energy is that a lot of people do not believe in it. So though there are a lot of enthusiasts among this group, it usually has to face criticism in the hands of self acclaimed specialists.

This has made research in this field difficult. But the research continues to take place and scientists continue to make successful the devices in the midst of all odds.

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Techniques Used in Home And Office Insulation

Posted on 4th April 2011 in energy

There are usually various and large expenses associated with the ownership and operation of various structures of many different uses. Most are filled with countless items and processes that can greatly impact the overall efficiency and climate control usage of any of them which often provides an incredible source of stress and complication when trying to reduce costs and consumption. There are actually quite a few various steps of home and office insulation and draught proofing to save money that are simplistic and very effective.

Increased fuel costs have been an incredible burden in this particular category of monthly expenses. These increased costs are often associated with the higher price of oil as well as increased population densities that use oil for an everyday energy need. Those concerned with monthly budgets are now able to take quite a few easy steps in ensuring their costs remain as low as possible.

Resolving these issues is actually much simpler than one might originally think it to be. Many of the steps are incredibly affordable and others are amazing simple to implement on a routine and normal basis. Implementing them often helps ensure that monthly energy costs are substantially and effectively reduced.

A very common and simplistic step in this process is the installation of a programmable thermostat. They are proven to be much more effective at regulating temperatures throughout the year which helps combat various draft and insulation issues. They are very inexpensive to purchase and easy to install in most cases.

Installing new and much more efficient windows is also an integral step of this entire process. There are quite a few updated technologies with these products which provide an incredible cost saving structure for energy consumption. The tax incentives and cost reductions are often enough to pay for themselves over time.

Keeping windows and doors closed as often as possible is another very common and easy step in this process. Homes usually find this process very easy to manage. Businesses often install specific door opening and closing systems as well as electronic doors to control the amount of time a door is opened or closed.

Finally, weather stripping is another common step in this process. Installing weather stripping on doors is incredibly simple to perform and amazingly inexpensive to purchase. Special caulking supplies and screens are able to be implemented around the windows as well to help keep the air from outside entering in the building at all times.

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Green DIY Energy Solar Power Tips

Posted on 3rd April 2011 in energy

There has been so much information given to the public about solar energy that many people feel they know it well. After seeing programs on installing green DIY solar in a home with little or no assistance one begins to wonder how hard it can be. If a person has not had experience with solar cells and panels and their installation, it is important to look at all of the options that are available.

When thinking about installing solar power in a home one needs to consider the amount of energy that is required to power a home. In homes that have only electrical energy the requirement placed on the solar energy units will be much greater than on a home that has a combination of utilities in use. Either way, solar energy will significantly reduce the costs of an electrical bill.

Knowing about the “guts” of a solar panel will help an individual to decide if they want to start from scratch and build their solar panel, get a kit where most of the tedious labor is already done, or get some help or consultation in getting the solar panel installed.

Amorphous cells which are normally not as efficient as the other cells, monocrystalline cells which are usually the most expensive of the cell choices, and polycrystalline cells which are small and are pieced together.

Each cell produces between 1 and 2 watts of electricity. It takes a lot of these cells pieces together to run a home. When one thinks about the fact that it takes up to 36 polychrystalline cells chained together to produce enough power for a battery, one can begin to see where this could require a lot of space to provide enough electricity for a house.

Solar panels actually are what holds the cells in place. They come in a variety of styles and are made from different materials. Some DIY’ers who use polycrystalline cells actually encase the chained cells in resin to protect them from the elements.

Prior to starting a green DIY solar project an individual will want to look at the options available for getting the job done with the least amount of worry and time. There are several ways to do this. There are multiple plans available on-line that give detailed instructions. There are also companies that provide solar kits which give a person the cells, panels, and instructions that they will need to complete their project successfully.