Simple Steps To Help Your Company Conserve Natural Resources

Posted on 12th February 2011 in environment

You do not have to be an expert to understand that the carbon footprint produced by companies, organizations, even cities and entire nations is important news these days. An increasing number of people are starting to awaken to the truth of what the impact of humanity on Earth truly means and as they do, they are looking to companies to be sensible in how they handle resources seeing as it is businesses which are seen as holders of a whole lot of what Earth has to offer us when it comes to natural resources. We’ll take a look at some ideas now that businesses should employ to better their image through taking real action to make their company more environmentally friendly.

One of the easiest things any company can do to help reduce waste that is such a big problem today is to recycle. While we all know this, some companies continue to throw away a great deal of paper and cardboard that could quite easily be reused through a local recycling program. In addition, many continue to use paper documents where electronic versions would work just as well, especially given the ability to create redundant failsafe copies in today’s digital environment. Saving documents to the cloud can reduce waste right away and prevent their destruction by fire or other disasters, too.

Besides trash reduction, conserving energy is another common way that businesses can commence to cut down on their carbon footprint. A recent story on the Bloomberg news wire ( reveals that even the United States government is getting greatly involved in the making of energy via solar panels. This is something any business can do, and paired with solutions like more economical use of water and other resources, a big impact can be made by even a small business over time.

Of course, sometimes paper is a necessary thing because items like thank you cards and business cards really can not be as authentic if only in digital form. That’s why eco friendly promotional products like seed paper are such a strong idea. This is a type of paper that Wikipedia ( notes is capable of degrading into the soil in such a way that flowers can grow from it once it is discarded. Such seed cards can be used for stationary, business cards and a variety of other uses.

In addition, not all companies want to use styrofoam for their drinking cups at work. Some get custom mugs which can be reused, but others are choosing stainless steel water bottles to get the job done. Employees appreciate durable drinking containers and reusable bags and feel good about not creating so much waste.

The ideas you could employ to improve your company’s carbon profile do not stop here. Resourcefulness is proving to be the key to transforming our waste production, pollution as well as energy inefficiency. It is a new period of innovation and therefore all of us can do a little something of our own to take part. Companies, too, can step up and lead the way to a cleaner, more ecologically aware world.

Albert Jefferson is a well educated journalist discussing environmentally friendly and reusing stories also passing the knowledge to firms to utilize promotional bags to display both their trademark and recognition for this world.

Lessons Learned From the Gulf Oil Spill

Posted on 10th February 2011 in environment, Global Warming

In April of 2010, a tragedy struck the world that we are still reeling from: the Deep Horizons oil spill inside the Gulf of Mexico. The event was brought on by a leak from a British Petroleum (BP) oil rig that experienced a malfunction that caused it to stream oil into the Gulf of mexico and even now, we are trying to clean up the mess. We’ll have a look at how things are proceeding 10 months after the leak began and 7 months after it was capped on July 15th, 2010. We will take a glimpse at the devastation this environmental catastrophe has wreaked on the environment, along with what individuals are doing to try and help not only to humans, but the other lifeforms which share Earth with us.

Possibly one of the most visually noticeable effects of the Gulf Oil Spill has been the sights we observe on the news broadcast involving animals injured by the toxic crude oil. Reported by Wikipedia, it’s estimated that a full 53,000 barrels’ worth of oil flowed into the Gulf of Mexico during the 3 months the Deepwater Horizons oil platform was leaking. Therefore practically 5 million barrels of oil escaped into the gulf. During the process, animals of every type were poisoned and therefore died in record numbers, washing up along the beaches of the Gulf. Countless more have been injured by the poisonous waste and they continue to be cared for in the hopes that they will be rehabilitated.

According to a recent story contained in the Tween Tribune (, efforts are continuing for rehabilitating sea turtles, egrets as well as other creatures that might be unable to stay alive in the wild without human intervention. The price of these rehab efforts have run above half a million dollars, paid for by BP, so far. Keep in mind that this same oil is used to produce not only gasoline, but also plastics.

Some estimates place a large number of creatures deceased, as reported by ( with no living creatures inside an 80 mile radius of the oil rig at present. Once you take time to think about all of the birds, fish and then reptiles that exist within a typical mile of open ocean, you will get an idea of the mortality rate. This individual episode really needs to serve as a reminder to most of us as to the importance of choosing reusable green bags as well as attempting even the littlest things to try and help out our ecosystem.

Animals just like shrimp, crabs and marine seafood are a large part of the Gulf region diet plan and without being able to bring in these animals, numerous dining establishments must immediately close down. The lack of consumers within this vacationer heavy locale truly hurts the economy and, as blogger Alexander Higgins pointed out (, the risks still lurk beneath the Gulf’s surface.

We consumers actually can do something to help our environment. Once we choose eco shopping bags, we aren’t just reducing garbage now, we are reducing dependency for the very oil which is needed to create these bags. This really is one little move forward towards a cleaner planet any of us could certainly do.

As it is easy to observe, the Gulf Oil Spill’s devastation is having lasting effects. We continue to battle the spoiling of our world, however on the constructive side, we are able to all perform something to help fight the catastrophe from ever taking place again.

Dean Prater is a highly experienced author conversing about green and sustainability dilemmas in addition to dispersing the knowledge to businesses to employ biodegradable bags to market their trademark and increase awareness for the environmental issues our world is facing.

Green Businesses

Posted on 22nd December 2009 in Green Living

These days, everyone knows that by deciding to use mainly eco friendly products designed by green businesses we’re doing a very good thing. Life gets much easier when you learn that eco friendly products created by green businesses exist to help you bring about something good. People that want to be able to get the most from our lives will certainly get the most value from eco friendly products designed by green businesses because we realize selecting them is so useful. Not just are we getting products which feature a better design, but we are also helping the planet itself. Each time even one more person begins going green, all of us benefit in a big way. That’s precisely what draws so many people to this particular technique of contributing to the betterment of the world.

After all, if you are going to buy products for your daily life already, buying the best only makes sense. When you support green businesses, you’re definitely deciding on a much smarter product. Customers who are now taking this approach and going green in record numbers are helping to literally alter the landscape of modern companies as we know them.

Because the business ecosystem is changed by our choices, we all stand to benefit in the end. It is easy for us to choose green businesses because when we do, we have more than just good products. We get the peace of mind that comes from realizing that our decisions at the cash register or online shopping cart are going to have an impact on the world that is a positive one. This is good enough to make anybody feel better about shopping and it is a very serious difference which is always made.

For anybody that wants to discover how best to get started, eco friendly products are your best option. When we choose these, we get great design and features, plus we can benefit from the fact that this is a great way to be able to care for the world around us. That means that we may far more easily promote the whole concept of green consumerism. Furthermore, patronizing recycling centres when we are done is always great for the environment, too.

It does not require any type of special skill or talent to make the proper choices, however the effect is definitely strong. When you need to feel good about how you shop and what you do with the remainder, recycling centres may be there for you to allow you to contribute an additional way to the enhancement of the situation of the earth. This can be a good way to go to get the best feeling from purchasing green products.