What Is Solar Energy?

Posted on 5th April 2011 in environment

Solar power is all around us, and is energy that comes directly from the sun. It’s everywhere and everything. We depend on the sun for many things. This kind of energy is the best kind of energy that there is! It is also safer and better for the environment.

Today in society, we use this form of energy for many things. Some of these things include drying clothes, the production of electricity, and the heating of water. That’s still not all of the uses for this specific type of energy. Solar powered calculators have been popular for years. Fans can run on solar power, and pools are heated with simple covers that collect the sun’s heat. Did you know that you can also cook with it! As electricity costs rise and the focus on protecting the environment increases, more and more people are taking notice of solar energy. They’re seeing how it can be put to use to save electricity. Because of this, this type of energy is becoming more and more popular.

This form of energy is really interesting and has many interesting facts. Like electricity produced using other means, solar power is measured in kilowatts. About thirty percent of the energy we use to heat our water comes from the sun. The technology used to collect and store solar energy has been around for years. Did you know that Da Vinci predicted most of this solar stuff that we have going on today? He predicted most of this way back in 1447!

Some people are “going green” and eliminating a lot of things from their home. Electricity is one of them. They do have electricity, but they will not have a bill to pay because they made their home into a solar home system. Many people make the switch because it saves them money and also helps the environment. You can buy a solar energy system for your home, or put one together yourself. You’ll need solar panels, a battery, an inverter, wiring and structure support.

Solar power is awesome. Did you know that more sunlight reaches the earth in one hour than the whole population of the world is capable of using in an entire year! Solar energy is more powerful than we realize. It’s strong enough to impact weather patterns and ocean currents.

If the sun is blocked, its rays will not be able to reach the earth. Clouds can reduce the amount of sunlight that gets through. Wind and pollution have an effect too. If we can reach this unlimited source of energy, we could do so much with it. We could greatly reduce our use of coal powered electricity, natural gas and gasoline, using solar energy instead.

Americans account for only five percent of the world’s population, but we use about twenty six percent of its energy. Taking care of the environment is not hard to do at all. We need to save resources by using what we have instead of creating something new. Solar energy is an ideal way to do that.

Our society today uses this all natural energy from the sun to power a huge array of things. The environment has taken care of people for many years and will continue to take care of them for many more to come. You can start making the world a better place to be by using the energy that is already supplied instead of cutting down trees and decreasing oxygen levels for animals as well as humans.

Green DIY Energy Solar Power Tips

Posted on 3rd April 2011 in energy

There has been so much information given to the public about solar energy that many people feel they know it well. After seeing programs on installing green DIY solar in a home with little or no assistance one begins to wonder how hard it can be. If a person has not had experience with solar cells and panels and their installation, it is important to look at all of the options that are available.

When thinking about installing solar power in a home one needs to consider the amount of energy that is required to power a home. In homes that have only electrical energy the requirement placed on the solar energy units will be much greater than on a home that has a combination of utilities in use. Either way, solar energy will significantly reduce the costs of an electrical bill.

Knowing about the “guts” of a solar panel will help an individual to decide if they want to start from scratch and build their solar panel, get a kit where most of the tedious labor is already done, or get some help or consultation in getting the solar panel installed.

Amorphous cells which are normally not as efficient as the other cells, monocrystalline cells which are usually the most expensive of the cell choices, and polycrystalline cells which are small and are pieced together.

Each cell produces between 1 and 2 watts of electricity. It takes a lot of these cells pieces together to run a home. When one thinks about the fact that it takes up to 36 polychrystalline cells chained together to produce enough power for a battery, one can begin to see where this could require a lot of space to provide enough electricity for a house.

Solar panels actually are what holds the cells in place. They come in a variety of styles and are made from different materials. Some DIY’ers who use polycrystalline cells actually encase the chained cells in resin to protect them from the elements.

Prior to starting a green DIY solar project an individual will want to look at the options available for getting the job done with the least amount of worry and time. There are several ways to do this. There are multiple plans available on-line that give detailed instructions. There are also companies that provide solar kits which give a person the cells, panels, and instructions that they will need to complete their project successfully.

Reducing Your Energy Bills is Not So Difficult

Posted on 19th February 2011 in energy

Electricity bills are a nightmare for many and some even don’t dare to take a look at it. They frown at the amount of the bill. Some people keep the bill aside to have a look at it later on.

While we keep on grumbling about the rising electricity bill, we seldom take any step to bring it down. There are however many ways in bringing down the electricity consumption and I have listed them below for your perusal.

First off, you must get the other people in your household to see things your way. Showing them that lowering the bill is not as hard as they may think it is, will often be all you need to receive their cooperation. Also, it may be good to offer incentives for the extra effort of lowering the bill when you see that those efforts have resulted in savings. Tell them that sometimes it’s as simple as turning off the lights or TV when they are leaving the room or unplugging things when they are not in use.

People are careless about turning off light and they don’t realize the cost they have to pay for their carelessness. Two places where the lights are on throughout the day are the night lights and the exterior lights. Light is needed of course at night but it doesn’t mean that it should be on throughout the night. As an alternative, you can use motion detector lights for the exterior and only a few lights inside the house. Your electricity bill will be substantially reduced if you follow these simple steps.

One of the least conspicuous ways to save on your electric bill is to replace incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs. These lights are equal, in quality, to incandescent bulbs and use less energy.

A one time expenditure on power saving gadgets is perfectly okay and should not be minded at all. There are gadgets available in your local hardware stores that can monitor your usage of electricity so that you can keep tabs on the bill and adjust usage accordingly.

Most people think that the number of household electronics we have directly reflects the amount of the electric bill. However, this is not necessarily the case. It really depends on how these items are used. (For example, only washing dishes or clothes when you have full loads is more energy efficient that doing a few measly pieces at a time.) And turning off things when not in use, because it’s not like you can watch that show upstairs when you are downstairs making a sandwich.

If you want to reduce or even eliminate your electricity bill, try to produce your own electricity from renewable sources. In addition to freeing you from the burden of electricity bills, they are environmental friendly too. It will make you self reliant on energy needs.

TIPS on Solar Power Home DIY

Posted on 16th February 2011 in environment

You might have head about the solar power home kits and these devices are supposed to generate huge amount of energy in the form of electricity from the burning power of sun. You might be stating many questions in your mind about the practical usability of these devices along with the ways in which you can put this into work with the help of a paper manual got along with the device.

You might also be concerned about the increasing electricity bills month after month and might be wondering on the ways by which you can reduce the bills. You can acutely think about the ways by which you can decrease the bills and solar home kits can be considered as the best choice.

This article has provides some home solar power package advantages.
- This kit will really help you to cut the big amount you are paying for your home electricity bills when compared to the quantity you are giving out presently. Moreover, the lessened sum of your bills can never occur in an instant.
- Lots of people now days opt for the DIY power sources and as a result people are getting a broad feel in the easiness of carrying out the installation. Thus, it is complicated.
- Any sort of solar energy will certainly help you to reduce the utility bill you have to pay by the end of the month. It can be just one device like solar panel that must be installed at your place in order to be cost effective.

-You can positively make use of the solar guide from DIY in order to produce solar panel. This can really aid You to fully reduce the electric bills and there are a lot of steps provided in the guide which is totally helpful to You in lots of ways.
-The handling of solar energy will really help you to conserve the greenery of the nature. This is by any way lessening the quantity of pollution in the surroundings and the solar power or the wind energy won’t add to the developing contaminants flowing liberally in the environment.
-You can even create the solar panel at your house and this will totally help you to again save good amount of money. You can also help your children learn about the resources provided by nature and to make effective usage of it.

- There are also many support teams functioning 24/7 just about the country and you can get great help at the time of need either through emails or phone calls.
- Most of the home power solar kits come with free trail pack with hundred percent money back guarantees within 60 days. In case if you do not find the system practical you can get your money within these time phases in your pocket.
- You can really use the facility and it can support you in great means through leveling up your talents and skills that you have with guides and you can save a lot of costs.

Solar Energy Explained

Posted on 25th November 2010 in solar, solar panels and solar pv, solar power

It can be stated that there are a number of benefits of installing a solar powered energy system at your home. At this time there is an immediate need to look into and make use of other electricity alternatives as the actions of humankind have resulted in ecological damage, this is especially so if we are to try and stop or turn around the extent of this damage. The benefits of using Solar Power begin to become understandable. The advantages of solar technology is the fact that it makes use of the power of the sun to make available energy and electricity to all its inhabitants in a way which is free after original set up outlay, obtainable in huge quantity and just as friendly to the natural world.

These days many people particularly in the western world are able to access energy freely. Electrical energy is used to operate everything from appliances for the kitchen like stoves, cookers, freezers and dish washers, to lighting fixtures, garage door openers, and smaller items such as television sets, computer systems, hair dryers and more. We are all used to powering our homes via the main grids and until recent years, solar photovoltaic power was virtually unknown.

What photovoltaic solar cell technology attempts to do is transform natural sun light into electrical energy. Essentially it is material used to capture the sunlight. This material is called a semiconductor. The semiconductor, which is often silicon, absorbs the sunlight. Once the light has been absorbed, the next step is that energy is released into the photovoltaic solar cell in the form of electrons.

The easiest solar powered energy system to set up is a solar hot water heater. Simple home heating can be built in a few days and installed without difficulty. Output of photo voltaic electrical energy is a little bit more technical. Typically, the roof top is used as a surface to collect the suns rays on the solar panel.

These can be easily purchased locally. In terms of engineering, the solar panels are not that complex. Storing the power generated and discharging it to appliances inside the house with correct voltage and amperage is the most challenging part of solar systems for home electrical use. It is highly advisable that you only employ qualified solar energy system specialists to install the system in your home. It will insure the system is properly installed and will prevent potential hazards. This does not mean you can’t install your own solar power system. You should know companies typically offer guarantees and warranties if they install your complete system. A solid guarantee is probably the best advantage of using a professional; to install the system for you as this gives you peace of mind.

To make certain you will get the most from using your solar powered energy systems, you should look at the insulating material of your property and if necessary improve the insulating material. Properly sealed doors and windows helps in making the solar powered energy system better. And when you have an optimum solar powered energy system installed you will get the most savings and recuperate your investments faster.

A thermal imaging survey will give you a much clearer idea of the amount of energy your residence is loosing through poor insulation and defective seals.