What You Need to Do While Building Solar Panels

Posted on 9th February 2011 in solar power

Building Solar Panels will not simply decrease expenses but is a perfect approach to obtaining solar power for family homes. Info on solar energy and building solar panels are incorporated in the following paragraphs. Solar power for homes is starting to be increasingly popular. The solar power takes in energy from the sun and is a steady source of energy. A good perk to solar energy for homes is the fact that it decreases your electric costs and who wouldn’t want that?

Now, the standard solar panel that you would take advantage of for your house consists of a semiconductor as well as a silver plate. Every time the sun’s rays gets to the solar cell, it changes starting from solar power to electrical power. Isn’t that amazing? Solar power panels have a battery backup which always stores energy that becomes produced to implement through the night.

Solar powered energy for homes produces no carbon pollutants into the environment that is definitely a perfect advantage. By means of solar power, we can certainly lessen the destruction being sustained to The earth.

Furthermore, solar powered energy for family homes lowers electric power bills and demands little routine maintenance and would make your house go up in worth.

If you’re thinking that acquiring a solar cell is way too pricey particularly when bearing in mind installing fees, consider creating your very own. They’re relatively basic to make and it would reduce prices in a major way. These are the supplies you are going to need: 16 volt solar panel, normal rechargeable 12 volt lead and / or acid battery, a battery box, DC meter, inverter and a portable drill. While trying to find an inexpensive solar cell it could take a little bit of time however it will undoubtedly be found. Check on the net and go shopping in your local area to locate the best costs. Affordable prices can always be discovered on the world wide web.

When you go acquire a electric battery, smaller sized is better in this case. It’s critical for it to always be a deep cell battery because they’re made for continuous usage.. To shield the electric battery, a battery container is necessary. Make certain anytime you obtain a DC meter that it has the voltage is equal to that of the electric battery and DC input (at the very top of the battery container).

So now for the serious job. Together with the drill, fasten your meter and DC input into the the top of battery container. Covered wire is necessary to attach the DC meter to your battery. Attach the wire to the negative source initially and work together with Solely 1 wire at this time. Link the DC inlet and the solar cell to the electric battery.

And bang! Finished. It’s pretty basic. Place the solar cell wherever you would like it to be, wait around eight hours and you will start obtaining some handmade energy.

Now, you could be wondering just how this is actually building your own solar cell. You are not able to build one from scratch, regrettably. It is impossible. I suppose you might call it a do-it-yourself job. You’re, nonetheless, producing your own solar panel all the same. It not only saves you money thru your electric bills but it furthermore definitely will help save you cash on installation expenses and the cost of a solar panel product. Building solar panels is worth it. But not only are you keeping a lot of cash but you’re producing your own personal energy that is made from the sun!

How We Can Protect Our Environment From Global Warming

Posted on 4th February 2011 in Global Warming

Saving the environment can be fun and does not cost too much. In fact, saving the planet can also save you tons of money if you know how to do it. Here are some ways for you to conserve precious energy and conserve money along the way.

Purchase energy saving products. Replace old incandescent bulbs with fluorescent ones since they reduce the energy consumption to 75 percent. Fluorescent lights have lesser tendency to cause fire unlike bulbs.

Use less heat and air-conditioning depending on the weather. During winter seasons, try to take the temperature down a notch or two and you will not even notice it. The same principle goes during the summer. Find other ways to cool off during the summer heat like drinking lemonade.

Walk as much as possible and drive only when needed. If you work nearby, wake up early and walk to your job. You get the exercise you need and you help save money for gas. If you have other things to do right after then you can plan your day ahead whether to use the car or not.

In order to save electricity, do try to use the off switch rather than put most of your appliances to sleep mode. The television and the computer are the biggest energy consumers in a household and by putting them off can easily cut the cost.

Recycle. The best thing you can do help the environment is not by using environmental friendly products but by using the same old products again. Reuse old carton boxes and plastic cans for another purpose inside the house. You can also gather your children and make projects with the use of the materials.

Choose products that have little to less plastic covering or packaging. And as much as possible, purchase items that are refillable. They are more convenient and they tend to last longer.

Gather your kids and enjoy a Sunday afternoon in the garden planting trees and seedlings. These trees will grow and will help make the environment a lot better. Plus, you get to teach your children the importance of saving the environment and bond with them.

Make The Earth Eco-friendly, Use Fabric Bags

Posted on 22nd February 2010 in environment

Even though the plastic bags of today are so easy to carry around and are easy to produce in large numbers, they are not worthwhile considering the harm they cause the environment. Not only do the bags of today need to be green by nature but also need to be of the reusable type to reduce wastage. Materials such as cotton, jute and polypropylene are perfect for such bags. They are the right bags for a greener future.

People think that bags made from cotton and jute is not as durable as plastic bags, that they are not capable of loads greater than 30kilos. However, plastic bags cannot carry such heavy loads and not wield; fabric bags both woven and non woven types have been shown to carry such high loads without conforming to the pressures. The only reason for such misconceptions is that plastics have become a mainstay of our life.

The one problem with cloth bags is that they require a higher investment to produce however considering the age that they last till, this cost is justified. Consider that the average plastic bag shall last for a maximum of one year after which it shall give into high loads. However, a jute bag can go on for as far as 15 years into the future.

Moreover, the only way that jute or cotton bags are ever going to tear is if very sharp objects are placed in it to cause tears. Otherwise these bags shall last their life. The designs that can be printed on a jute or cotton bag are just unlimited. Best of all, these bags can be used not only for grocery purposes but also for daily use to carry stuff around.

Cloth bags are green all the way. These are completely environment friendly considering that they are easily recyclable just like any cloth that we wear. Once they have lived out their use, they can be sent for recycling and then for remaking more bags. This is not something that can be done with plastic bags. And unlike them, a couple of cloth bags should prove adequate for an entire decade and this in turn will reduce the number of bags discarded therefore leading to less pollution. All in all, using cloth bags is a greener choice than using plastic bags.

The choice between polypropylene, jute and cotton as the base for reusable bags depends on the cost of manufacturing them and that of recycling them. It shall depend on many factors however a bag made of any of the three fabrics should do a world of good for the environment.