Ideas To An Effective Mountain Bike Workout

Posted on 22nd February 2011 in environment

Endurance has always been a major aspect when it comes to cycling. Greater endurance gives you an advantage over competition when you can last longer over hilly terrain. With greater strength you tend to outperform your competitors.

You may use this article as a guide to increase that stamina of yours by learning the tricks of a proper mountain bike work out.

Let us try to get those leg muscles of yours going. Try to ride your bike in a high gear for as long as possible. This puts pressure on your leg and hence strains them. Here you are directly increasing the resistance of your legs by strengthening your leg muscles. This can help you and go a long way especially when you are exhausted and need to climb that hill against a competitor.

To do it right remembers to set your bike gear to a higher range. This does not mean you set it to the highest possible gear but also be careful enough to set it to a range where your will be challenged. Your leg muscles must be exercised and hence choose a gear carefully.

Now once you have chosen your suitable gear let us get to the cycling part. It is quite important that you cycle for a long period of time on the given gear. You may want to start off with a flat road for a while and then head to a higher gear as you feel comfortable.

Have you thought about hitting an hilly region. You could set your resistant gear properly chosen for a hilly region based on your leg strength and try working on this route so as to increase your resistance.

Never forget that you should start with a gradual sloping route when trying the latter method. If you directly go in for the very hilly routes you have a great chance of falling and hurting your self. Hence try a lesser hilly route till you are confident of taking the hilly ones.

Oxygen levels also play an important role in increasing your endurance along with your leg muscles strength.

How We Can Protect Our Environment From Global Warming

Posted on 4th February 2011 in Global Warming

Saving the environment can be fun and does not cost too much. In fact, saving the planet can also save you tons of money if you know how to do it. Here are some ways for you to conserve precious energy and conserve money along the way.

Purchase energy saving products. Replace old incandescent bulbs with fluorescent ones since they reduce the energy consumption to 75 percent. Fluorescent lights have lesser tendency to cause fire unlike bulbs.

Use less heat and air-conditioning depending on the weather. During winter seasons, try to take the temperature down a notch or two and you will not even notice it. The same principle goes during the summer. Find other ways to cool off during the summer heat like drinking lemonade.

Walk as much as possible and drive only when needed. If you work nearby, wake up early and walk to your job. You get the exercise you need and you help save money for gas. If you have other things to do right after then you can plan your day ahead whether to use the car or not.

In order to save electricity, do try to use the off switch rather than put most of your appliances to sleep mode. The television and the computer are the biggest energy consumers in a household and by putting them off can easily cut the cost.

Recycle. The best thing you can do help the environment is not by using environmental friendly products but by using the same old products again. Reuse old carton boxes and plastic cans for another purpose inside the house. You can also gather your children and make projects with the use of the materials.

Choose products that have little to less plastic covering or packaging. And as much as possible, purchase items that are refillable. They are more convenient and they tend to last longer.

Gather your kids and enjoy a Sunday afternoon in the garden planting trees and seedlings. These trees will grow and will help make the environment a lot better. Plus, you get to teach your children the importance of saving the environment and bond with them.