The Benefits of Renewable Energy Resources

Posted on 20th February 2011 in environment

Have you ever wondered the world without the sources of energy? Today the sources we use are non renewable sources which will come to an end after a certain period of time. It is therefore very important for us to save energy as much as possible.

But does that mean we will not utilize the sources of energy? It is not possible and this is the reason why we need to choose some other sources of energy and power which are renewable and will last till the end of this world.

You might surely be aware of the renewable energy resources like sun, wind, water and so on. These days the government has become aware of this fact and they want us to use the alternative fuel sources. There are usually two reasons why the use of the renewable energy resources is promoted.

First of all it will help to resist pollution and secondly it will help you save some money. If you install a solar power panel in your house then you will get rid of the utility bills that you need to pay every month.

These kinds of energy resources require a one time investment and the money is covered within two years of use. The demand of the renewable energy jobs are also increasing because the sources of energy are increasing. Today you have sources like wind, tidal, hydro, bio fuels and solar.

The sector of the renewable energy resources is also getting good support from the government which has helped them to make it big. They have been successful in expanding their market as well as achieving their targets.

The renewable energy jobs are treated as hot cakes these days because there is a scope for growth in this field. There are some government figures which have proved that this sector is going to generate more than thousand jobs in the near future.

If you have the qualification then applying for this job can be one of the best steps for you. There is actually a huge demand for the sustainable energy these days which has led to its growth.

Among the various renewable energy sources present these days solar energy is the most popular and common sources. You can install the solar system in your roof and get uninterrupted power supply throughout your life. The money you save can be used for some other purposes.

You can install the solar panel yourself. It is an easy task and it will give you results till the end. Renewable energy resources can help you save at least 5000 dollars in 20 years. Now you might be aware of the benefits of these sources for powering your house.

Solar Energy Information You Didn’t Know

Posted on 15th February 2011 in solar power

You may be mulling over alternative power and need some solar energy information?Are you thinking about possibly adopting some green technology? Here is some food for thought. To truly appreciate sustainable power you need to first understand how your current power is generated and how it pollutes the environment. After that you need to understand how renewable sources of energy help counter these drawbacks and how it will deliver us from our over dependence on fossil fuels.

We are one of the largest consumers of fossil fuels in the world and more than half of that is imported. While people can talk about falling oil prices, we all know that’s a farce. Oil prices dip a bit and then shoot to new highs. Unfortunately, this trend will continue because newer economies are growing and will continue to put strains on the oil reserves. Most of the oil we import comes from nations that are known to foment trouble in our nation. In effect we are funding the terrorist activities in our own country. With solar energy this reliance on foreign forces is negated and we can sustain our nation internally. Even government is open to this idea and is subsidizing investments in this technology.

The market conditions are ideal for us to go all out and embrace renewable energy sources like the solar and wind technologies. This will not only help us, but also set up this world for our children. They can enjoy a world that is self-sustaining and non-polluting. In the past, the high cost of solar energy was a major deterrent to its adoption. With government funding the technology and more and more people adopting it this technology is nearing economies of scale which are bound to bring down the costs and make it inexpensive.

There are many reasons why this transformation has occurred. Solar technology has gone from a prohibitively expensive option to something that is being promoted for domestic use by general public. Here are the three main factors that brought about this change:

a) The traditional energy source – fossil fuels continue to get more and more expensive with each passing year.

b) There have been tremendous breakthroughs in solar technology

c) Government is also supported this technology whole heartedly and introduced incentives for this technology’s adoption.

Besides these generic reasons, there are some very important benefits for people adopting this technology. The most evident benefit would be the instant dip in your monthly power bills. With your house running on solar energy, you will not have to rely on utility company for your power needs. This means you are insulated from the price manipulations these companies may carry out – that is true peace of mind for anyone.

If you looking for convincing argument on whether to adopt solar energy or not, analyzing the return on investment (ROI) is a great technique. What this will tell you is whether you would gain enough value in the investment to justify it today.

Today if you install a solar power system in your home, you should get back each and every dollar you spent back in a few years. There are multiple avenues from where the payback would come. The first is you will not be affected by the energy price rises every time the price increases, you save more money. As solar technology gets more popular, the value of your house will continue to appreciate too. Finally, you have a mental satisfaction that you are actually helping this world get greener too.

If you are thinking about adopting solar technology, there is no better time than now. Federal government is offering you tax credits for doing so; so are the state governments in form of incentives and rebates. To top it all, even the utility companies are giving you rebates for purchasing solar equipment.

Renewable Energy

Posted on 1st December 2010 in Renewable Energy

Are you concerned about the environment? There are various factors due to which the environment gets affected. One of the major reasons for this is the pollution that is caused by the non renewable sources of energy.

You might be aware of the fact that the electricity that comes to your home is achieved by burning fuels. These fuels are not only harmful for the nature but after a certain period of time these energy resources will come to an end.

It is therefore very important to look for the renewable energy resources which will last till the end of this world. These kinds of energy are usually available from the sun, water as well as wind. Sustainable energy resources usually have lots of benefits. First of all there are environmental benefits.

The use of fossil fuel usually affects the living creatures like plants, animals as well as human beings. It can pollute the air, water and even cause global warming. This is the reason why the government is also taking steps to popularize the use of renewable energy resources.

Solar energy has already been popularized in most of the countries. Other than saving the environment from pollution you can also save lots of money if your install a solar power panel at your home.

You can get rid of the high cost of the utility bills that you need to pay every month. The other benefit of these alternative fuel sources is that it can provide great job opportunities these days. You must be aware of the renewable energy jobs that have become quite popular these days.

This is one of the sectors which has been growing and will grow more in the near future. Therefore people working in this field have great opportunities to make it big in their career. If you are interested to get employed in this sector then you can be sure about the fact that you will make better progress in your career.

But before you join the job you need to go through some training. The training sessions of which are made for the section of bio fuels and solar energy are usually of long duration and are also quite expensive.

If you want to join the renewable energy jobs then you must have two qualities like dedication and determination. You can search for the jobs on the internet. Create your resume in such a way that it is suitable for these jobs.

There are various websites which can offer you these kinds of job openings. You need to choose the right kind of job for yourself. People are becoming aware of the environment and they also want to make sure that they can save money.

Try Starting With Solar Power Garden Lights Before Beginning a big Solar Power Project

Posted on 10th November 2010 in solar power

Since solar energy lends itself to modular capability it’s a good idea to start with solar power garden lights as an introduction into solar power. By starting with this small photovoltaic system and expanding later you’ll be spreading its cost over time and start to understand the character of solar power. Doing it this way helps keep the costs down yet allows you to get your feet wet with this exciting technology. Let’s face solar power can be complicated so it’s smart to take advantage of solar power immediately and progress slowly. Eventually you can build up to a full home solar system yet start immediately taking advantage of the sun’s rays. Investing in this simple solar lighting is inexpensive. For about $15 you’ll get a wide variety of mounting schemes.

Solar power garden lights are beautiful, safe and cost-effective. There are an impressive array of styles, shapes and colors available. The easy installation and maintenance of wireless lighting systems are among its many attributes. They can be affordable and practical, or elaborate and expensive.

Solar-powered bulbs are energized by battery units which absorb sunlight during the day. The sun cells transform the sun’s rays into energy, and illuminate the units at night. Following a full day of successful charging, the lights can glow for about 10 hours.

There are an interesting variety of sun-powered lamp styles available. Some are shaped like flowers or bugs, while others resemble rocks or birds. They generally increase in price with larger sizes and more intricate designs.

Most units will automatically switch on at sunset. However, some have on-off switches, while others are illuminated when motion is detected. Those that detect movement tend to cost a bit more than the regular styles.

Specific models are intended to be mounted on sheds, garages or houses. They have flat panels which secure to a wall with special hardware, which is usually included. The more common, standard types tend to be affordably-priced.

Lamps that are mounted on stakes can be secured into the ground. These offer a lot of flexibility in terms of location. They can serve as effective night-time markers for paths and driveways. Depending on size and style, stake-mounted units are among the least expensive option.

Some lanterns are created to hang from posts or trees. They are free to sway in the breeze, and can provide a serene backdrop to any garden. These models are among the less pricey.

Solar power garden lights can provide security, ornamentation and cost-effectiveness. They are weather-proof, easy to install and affordable. These sunlight beacons can be a good choice for any yard or garden.

Simple Solar Power to Help Save Money

Posted on 21st April 2010 in solar, solar panels and solar pv, solar power

When you are trying out a new technology or solution, it is better to take small steps before diving in; this not only helps you get more accustomed to it, but also helps build confidence in the technology. Solar energy is one such area where you can start slow with simple solar power project implementations. A very simple solar power project would be a solar shower which is easy to install and portable too. You can use the hot water from this shower to take a bath if you are backpacking or camping. All you need is a special plastic bag with a transparent part on the top and a black bottom. The top lets the sunlight pass through while the bottom absorbs all the energy to heat the water in the bag.

Adding sunscreens is an example of another simple solar project – the difference is that you are not tapping into the sunlight here, just reflecting it back. The sunscreens are great to reflect the sun’s rays away from your home and at the same time they are also great insulators. In summer when you coat your windows with these screens, you will see a big reduction in disturbingly bright light and also in the heat inside the house. Typically, it is the windows that face south, so coating them with sunscreen is the ideal solution. Visit Richie Vee’s site for more inexpensive solar power project tips like these.

Of course, when the winter sets in, the first thing you’d want to do is get rid of the sunscreens because your house would remain cold without any natural heating or sunlight. While you can do this manually, an easier approach is to install electric controllers which control the sunscreens. In summers you can switch them on and in winters you can turn them off.

Typically, the sun screens are available in rolls that are 8 feet wide. So you can place them on any window 8 feet long or smaller. Since they are in rolls, you can adjust the length as per your needs. If you are installing removable sunscreens, just get yourself some tacks, a hammer, a box cutter and a standard stapler. Besides these, you can also get sunscreen frames from the store directly. They are available in a wide range of colors. You can also get them with the screens or without the screens. Before you invest a lot into these screens, you can try out the solution at home using some cheap sunscreen products. Just install them on your windows and experience the change. If you like them, you’ll feel more confident about adding the sunscreen to your house. If you’re looking for more solar power project tips like these visit Richie Vee’s site.

Security lights are another great avenue for testing solar power projects. Many solar driven security lights come with a spotlight and a sensor along with the kit to trap the solar energy and power the light. There are many ways you can use this light in your daily life. Regardless of how you install the spotlight, the PV capturing the solar energy must be kept outdoors where there is maximum exposure to sunlight. Here are some common places where you can have this spotlight:

a) Hang the spotlight inside your garage. As soon as someone enters the garage, the spotlight will turn on. It can also be placed in the driveway so that you can see your path when you enter or leave the house.

b) Garage or personal work sheds are other places where you can have this unit setup. As soon as you walk into the garage, the light turns on to aid you in working or look around.

c) Basements are another place where motion detected spotlight can be invaluable.

d) Lighting around picnic table in a gazebo is also a great use of this unit.

e) In fact, this can be used in any remote location in your home where there is not enough light or limited brightness. The sensor can be programmed to shut off the light at whatever time you prefer.

Solar light tubes or tubular skylights are also an interesting way to tap the brilliance of solar energy. In this case the sunlight is trapped and diffused into the house through special tubes. The entire room can be lit by reflecting the sunlight. Since it is reflected natural light, the room has a natural look to it and it does not get very hot. There are plenty more solar power project tips at Richie Vee’s site. Go there to see what else may work for you.

Remote corners and darker rooms are great places for such a solution. While installing it can take quite some skill and time, the end result is something that you can be really proud of.